Praise of immaterial architecture

At first there was the light and shadow, emptiness and the idea, the dream of a landscape without matter. In the drive of hours and drawings, he matured a weightless architecture of fictional spaces, transcendental visions and nebulous feelings. Upon doubt exercise it was followed by the kidnapping of time. The triumph of the concept happened suddenly to a thorough reflection.

After the therapy, the building designed by Jesus Castillo Oli claimed himself like a libertarian architecture Manifesto in its dialectical struggle with the structure. Defeated the ancestral subordination of estrus constructive to the mechanical encouragement service, surpassed by the result itself the essential opposition between mechanical characteristics and cultural art, the architecture reborn expressed only by its technological production processes.

Architecture is the form itself. In the immateriality of the construction, the philosophical concept and poetic reality of La Ruina Habitada is established.